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7 September 2014
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11 September 2014
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SIEMENS – The latest ATC and TACTICS !

Siemens officially unveiled the newest generation of traffic light control systems at the ITS World conference in Detroit. Presented was the M60 ATC Series, as well as TACTICS and TACTICS SmardGuard traffic management technology.

The Siemens M60 ATC Series

This brand new traffic controller uses the latest technology to meet the traffic management needs of today and the future. Using the most recent SEPAC version, this control system offers a wealth of functions and high performance in a NEMA configuration, and exceeds ATC 5.2b standards and specifications.


It has a new look, a new interface and several eye-popping functions. This advanced system features the latest technology in the centralized traffic management industry.

TACTICS SmardGuard 

This Web-based mobile-controlled centre is fully equipped to provide management solutions to traffic problems, anywhere, anytime. These new types of solutions can be used independently or with existing systems, and provide the tools necessary to improve the movement of vehicles using the most advanced technologies available in the industry.

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