Technical service

Our team of recognized and seasoned technicians have been serving our customers for 40 years. Our clients know that they can turn to our team for expert, professional technical advice and outstanding service that ranks among the top in our field. Each member of our team is imsa-level 1 and 2 certified, and undergo continuous training to make sure that their expertise remains as cutting edge as our products and solutions.
  • Fixed- and hourly-rates
  • Online technical service
  • Programming
  • Mechanical and electronic equipment repairs
  • Diagnostic
  • Preventive maintenance, inspection
  • Service contract
  • Maintenance and repairs on our equipment and those of all manufacturers
  • Technical support at all levels:
    • On site
    • Assistance over the phone
    • Workshopr
    • Remote assistance
    • 24/7 service
    • Emergency
    • Night-time assistance