Electromega offers a wide range of services and products to manage the parking of vehicles in urban centres, both on the street and in designated lots.

We understand the needs of municipalities, as well as those of parking lot owners and operators. That is why we can offer integrated systems solutions that resolve issues facing the industry.

Car owners need clear information about how long they can park their vehicles, how they can pay for parking and the procedure to follow. All of this must be done quickly and in a safe environment that is adapted to the mobility needs of the motorist.

The parking lot owner, meanwhile, requires a secure information system that is efficient and reliable, while managing vehicle spaces in a centrally-controlled environment. It is therefore imperative to have in place independent and autonomous modules that can be modified for the exchange of information, if necessary.

Electromega is a leader in the industry because of its reputation for offering solutions that are adaptable, integrated and efficient, and which, in the long term, are cost-efficient and reliable.