Electromega facilitates the implementation of viable solutions for public,
para-public and private institutions.

Urban sprawl is a phenomenon that often means one thing: a vast increase in the number of vehicles on the roads and an urgent need for a more efficient traffic management system. Urban planners, vehicle traffic specialists, and municipal, provincial and federal authorities work together to identify the most efficient solutions and establish a realistic time frame in the rehabilitation of infrastructure.

Companies that specialize in product manufacturing in this sector invest in research and development to better benefit from computerized controls and new concepts in urban planning in order to offer solutions that are more integrated.

For more than 20 years, information and communication technologies have linked vehicles and networks to allow for the smooth transportation of people and goods. These solutions have been deployed throughout the world in varying degrees using the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). In Canada, the ITS promotes and advances intelligent transportation systems and services to benefit Canadians through concrete measures that improve the quality of life while minimizing the impact on the environment. The ITS covers such a wide range of products and services that most of the lead players in this industry face a major challenge in identifying them all.

Technological integration in the transportation industry vastly improves the security, flow, efficiency and longevity of our transportation infrastructure.

We offer... solutions

Electromega is a leading supplier of integrated transportation solutions in Canada. We offer solutions that include leading-edge professional services and control systems, as well as innovative applied management and mobility technologies.

We work with local authorities to deliver a vast line of products and solutions that improve ground-level operations through the use of several service applications that are connected to users.

We offer... experience

Electromega has more than 40 years of experience in the area of technological solutions, including the latest and most promising technological novelties. Electromega's expertise is based on a solid collaboration with major players in the industry. We select, represent and sometimes challenge our partners to make sure that the service we offer is never compromised, and is delivered in the best interest of our different types of customers.

Electromega prides its solid reputation and corporate image on continually developing solutions that are adapted, integrated and efficient, and which provide positive economic, reliable and cost-effective returns.

A company working on several frontlines

Concerns about intelligent road signs today are not simply limited to cars and trucks; they include just about every manner of transportation and every type of person who uses the roads: pedestrians, cyclists, people with disabilities, public transit, and vehicles used by specialized services and other authorities. Another issue is the need to provide updated answers to parking lot operators to help them optimize the use, information and space of paid parking lots.

As a specialized consultant and supplier, Electromega considers the implementation of new technologies to be essential. It is a critical part of the mission, and these new technologies now play a vital role in the management of our infrastructure

We continually work together with various specialists in the field, including planners, inspectors, engineers, managers, technical teams and others. We are keenly aware that a complex project that involves intelligent transportation systems can only be successful if there is total cooperation of all parties involved.


Systems integration

Electromega constantly strives to be on the cutting edge of all new technologies. This allows us to keep our clients informed while being in a position to consult and lead them through the implementation of efficient and flexible solutions as they face new developments and economic challenges.



We are experienced in connecting ground-level equipment to an integrated system linked with analogous or digital technologies through industry-recognized communication protocols. Our specialists have the know-how to meet our clients' operational and business requirements, no matter how complex or diverse the project may be, whether it involves the engineering, supply and deployment of wire- or wireless telecommunications.


Centralized management systems

We offer unique solutions for the implementation and execution of integrated network solutions, connecting ground-level equipment -- traffic lights, parking equipment, cameras, VMS, detection equipment, data collection and weather stations -- to a control center.