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Firefighters can now respond to calls more efficiently

Firefighters in Boucherville, Quebec will now be able to respond to calls more safely as a result of the city’s decision to turn to Electromega to revamp its traffic lights system, which allows for the lights to immediately turn green when a responding emergency vehicle approaches.

“This system increases the safety for everyone, while speeding up response times for our firefighters,” said Jean-Guy Ranger, head of the fire and security department for the Longueuil regional municipality.

The Opticom system features an infrared GPS signal that is sent by the fire truck directly to a detector located on the traffic light. The light immediately turns green when the emergency vehicle, with its lights flashing, approaches. Traffic is then stopped in the opposite direction and allows vehicles in front of the fire truck to clear the way quickly and easily.

The fire department has since asked neighbouring municipalities to include similar safety modifications to all future road intersection improvements. More than 20 municipalities in Quebec currently use this system.  Thierry Lamoureux, Vice-President of Operations, of Electromega, which is the soul provider of this service in Quebec, states: ‘’the system has existed for several years and is increasingly affordable’’, adding that Montreal and Longueuil use this system for its municipal bus fleets.

Longueuil’s fire department is currently the only department in that city that is using this system, while Boucherville and Brossard are also equipped with the Opticom system.

In 2013, Boucherville installed the system on de Montarville Blvd. at the intersections of de Mortagne Blvd. and d’Avaugour, de Normandie and Ampère streets.

In 2014, plans were under way to implement the same system on the traffic lights on de Touraine Rd., at the intersections of Montarville Blvd. and the entrances to the Carrefour de la Rive-Sud, located at the intersection of de Tremblay Rd. and Nobel St., and de la Mortagne at Highway 132.

The city spent more than $100,000 to install the system.


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