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19 March 2009
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17 January 2014
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Alain Lamoureux founded Electromega in 1974 and served as President of the company until his death in the fall of 2009. His long-time associate, Gisèle Lecourtois, presided over Electromega’s board of directors on an interim basis until a new board was selected in October 2010, at which time she took a well-deserved retirement.

Michelle Lamoureux has been the company’s majority shareholder since October 7, 2010. She appointed her son, Pascal Lamoureux, as President and CEO of Electromega’s board of directors so that he could continue the work of his father, Alain. Pascal has a civil engineering background and has worked with the company since 1994, when he held three key positions before becoming the director of sales and marketing in 2006.  Michelle Lamoureux also named her other son, Thierry Lamoureux as the company’s Vice-president. Thierry worked with the company between 1991 and 2000 before gaining valuable sales experience with another company. His acquired skills and experience will prove to be invaluable in his new role with Electromega. Jean Allard, CFO, heads the company’s department of administration and finances, and comes with vast experience in corporate and financial management.

Electromega’s entire management team is backed by a solid and committed team of employees, who have provided loyal service throughout the years, and, most importantly, during the recent transition period.

Electromega is a Canadian leader in the distribution and sale of products specialized in the area of transportation — more specifically road traffic, and intelligent transportation, parking and lighting systems. The company counts, among its clients, public institutions, including municipalities and governments, as well as major private companies and small businesses. Electromega provides consulting, after-sales services and training for all of the products that it sells.  Pascal Lamoureux sees a bright future for the company and his role as President of Electromega, and praises the support of the entire Electromega team.

“I am committed to following the path prepared by my father,” he said. “I want to open the door to new products and services for this business sector that is constantly evolving. The challenges facing transportation, traffic, parking, road safety and lighting influence the lives of everyone who resides in our cities, both now and in the future. We will continue to work together to establish a spirit of collaboration with our many new partners. Electromega is continuing its role as a leader — one that has fostered confidence among its varied clients and its suppliers.”

Electromega meticulously selects the companies and products that it introduces to its Canadian market. Our company’s selection criteria revolves around quality control, reliability, functionality, adaptability to new technologies and today’s transportation challenges — but, most importantly, a spirit of collaboration when problems, unforeseen issues and new challenges arise.

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