Electromega is a Canadian leader in innovative and high-performance technological solutions for the transportation sector. Electromega specializes in the transportation management of vehicles and people, as well as in the identification and implementation of intelligent solutions for vehicle parking issues.

Electromega's business development plan is based on three key principles:

We remain on the cutting edge of all new technologies

Electromega constantly strives to remain on top of all new technologies in the business to better inform, advise and collaborate with their clients. This allows the company to introduce innovative, efficient and flexible business solutions to answer ever-changing developments and economic challenges.

We provide integrated solutions for our clients

All of Electromega's proposed solutions are analyzed through an integrated intelligent transportation system angle. This process guarantees that the client will benefit from the most recent and highest performing technologies on the market that are adaptable to a host of environments.

Our Electromega team is knowledgeable and dedicated

Electromega's approach to presenting information is one based on transparency and fairness. The company believes that knowledge must be shared and based on an attitude that embraces openness and a willingness to continually seek new ideas -- not only for their clients, but for their partners and employees as well.

Finding solutions is our business

Electromega goes beyond the call of duty to make sure that all of its mandated projects are completed on schedule and to the complete satisfaction of their clients, with collaboration involving all of their partners.

As a specialized consultant and supplier, it is essential to maintain an open mind and to remain connected to the clients' needs. It is, therefore, essential to take the time to listen to the clients' requirements and fully understand the tasks at hand.

A recognized and solid company

Electromega is a Canadian company founded in 1974. For over four decades Electromega has specialized in the manufacturing, distribution and integration of transportation-related products.

From its head office in Quebec City, Electromega works closely with its various Canadian branches in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, Electromega informs, consults, trains and works with their clients in the implementation of technological solutions that are selected according to criteria that embrace efficiency, reliability, and compatibility with the latest trends and technologies, and the most cost-effective operating expenses.

Electromega's management team has a long tradition of experience and skills, but it also turns to its human resources -- rigorously selected and constantly evolving -- to continue to fulfill its commitment to providing the most reliable and efficient intelligent transportation solutions of tomorrow.

Electromega is equipped to actively participate in the planning, designing and strategizing phases of a project by responding to all requests with solid and proven solutions, products and technical services without hesitation.

Electromega is actively involved in the areas of dynamic and static transportation, including traffic control systems (vehicles, public transit, airports and railways), on- and off-street parking, intrusive and non-intrusive detection systems (inside and outside vehicles), data retrieval, road safety systems, dynamic and static LED message display systems, and LED lighting products.

Electromega's technical and services support team is recognized from coast to coast for its depth of experience and knowledge by the industry's top players. It is a reputation that has been carefully crafted through many years of service and quality of work that has continuously surpassed expectations.

Electromega only partners with competent and responsible manufacturers who share our company's values of uncompromising service. Electromega does not hesitate to offer its network of services and distribution to partners who invest in research and development, as this helps to build our well-deserved reputation as a Canadian leader in smart technologies related to transportation and parking issues and challenges.

Electromega :
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Electromega is a leader in the transportation industry and the intelligent transportation systems sector, and makes sure that it uses all the means necessary to remain a leader. Electromega is led by its human resources -- one that is competent and motivated, valuing personalized customer service and a spirit of true partnership. Electromega only represents, sells, distributes and implements products and solutions from reputable, competent and responsible manufacturers that are also recognized as leaders in their domain of expertise.
Electromega continues to develop its business activities in Quebec, Canada and around the world by selecting suppliers and business partners who share Electromega's values. Electromega taps into its vast experience and know-how to develop safety-conscious and efficient solutions for road traffic issues for all of its clients.

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