Electromega is looking for competent and passionate team players

We are committed to maintain the highest standards in new technologies, which allows us to implement long-term solutions to our clients. The products that Electromega makes and distributes stand out in the industry because of their superior quality. Our workplace encourages and fosters initiative and personal and professional development.

Please send us your CV today, as we are continually seeking talented candidates for our team. We are searching for team players who are keen about learning, excelling and surpassing themselves. We offer a professional and open work environment. We encourage apprenticeship among our employees, as well as ongoing training that allows our employees to always be on the cusp of the latest technologies in the industry. When you join our team, we commit ourselves to helping you move forward along your career path while conforming to the highest quality standards that we follow. By applying today, you may qualify to be pre-selected even before a job has been posted.

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