LED Displays and Lighting

Electromega offers a line of LED lighting and message display products and services suitable for a host of industries.

LED lighting is the luminous source of the future, but it is available today, and that is why we offer products that are not only proven and tested, but are energy efficient and cost-effective for indoor and outdoor industrial applications, as well as for municipal and private applications. We have the expertise and the qualifications necessary to recommend, create, design and sell quality lighting products.

Message displays have used LED technology for a number of years. Today, this technology continues to evolve, with monochrome matrices morphing into colour matrices -- all of which meet the highest quality standards for the most rugged exterior and interior environments. Whether the application requirements are for highways, information signs for travellers or residents, or advertising and marketing needs, our products and value-added solutions are able to meet the needs of the most demanding projects.

Electromega is a leader in the industry because of its reputation for offering solutions that are adaptable, integrated and efficient, and which, in the long term, are cost-efficient and reliable.